Experience the Majestic Beauty of Düden Falls

Experience the Majestic Beauty of Düden Falls

Düden Falls is a spectacular waterfall located near Antalya, Turkey. It is one of the most beautiful natural sights in the country and has been a popular tourist destination for centuries. The falls are located on the Düden River, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea.


Düden Falls has been known since ancient times. It is mentioned in the writings of the ancient Greek geographer Strabo, who described it as a beautiful waterfall with a thunderous roar. It has also been mentioned in the works of other ancient authors, such as the Roman poet Ovid.

The falls have been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century. In 1891, the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II visited the falls and ordered the construction of a palace nearby. The palace was built between 1892 and 1895 and is now a popular tourist attraction.


Düden Falls consists of two sections: the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls. The Upper Falls is a single cascade of water that drops from a height of 30 meters (98 feet). The Lower Falls is a series of smaller cascades that drop from a height of 60 meters (196 feet). The total height of the falls is 90 meters (295 feet).

The water of the Düden River is a deep blue-green color, and the falls are surrounded by lush green vegetation. The area around the falls is a protected nature reserve and is home to a variety of wildlife, including wild boar, deer, and foxes.


Visitors to Düden Falls can enjoy a variety of activities. There is a paved walking path that leads to the base of the falls, where visitors can take in the spectacular views. There is also a cable car that takes visitors to the top of the falls, where they can take in the views of the surrounding landscape. Other activities include swimming in the river and picnicking in the surrounding area.

Visitors can also take boat tours of the Düden River, which will take them past the falls and to other nearby attractions. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes near the falls, where visitors can enjoy a meal or a drink while taking in the views.


Düden Falls is a stunning natural wonder that has been attracting visitors for centuries. It is one of the most beautiful sights in Turkey and is a must-see for anyone visiting the country. With its lush green vegetation and spectacular views, it is a truly remarkable sight to behold.

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