The Glorious Dei Frari: A Brief History

The Glorious Dei Frari: A Brief History

Gloriosa dei Frari, a church located in the city of Venice, Italy, is an architectural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world. Built in the 14th century, it stands out for its magnificent facade, its incredible interior and its historical significance.

The Facade

The facade of Gloriosa dei Frari is a stunning example of Venetian Gothic architecture. It is composed of three large portals, with the central one being the largest and most ornate. Above the portals are two large rose windows, while the rest of the facade is decorated with statues, reliefs, and other decorative elements. The overall effect is one of awe-inspiring beauty.

The Interior

The interior of Gloriosa dei Frari is no less impressive than its exterior. The church is divided into three naves, with the central nave being the largest. The walls are decorated with beautiful frescoes, while the ceiling is adorned with an elaborate painted decoration. There are also several altars, chapels, and other religious artifacts, making it a truly stunning place of worship.

Historical Significance

Gloriosa dei Frari is a church with a rich and long history. It was built in 1338, and since then has been a place of worship for many centuries. It was also the site of several important events in Venetian history, including the coronation of two doges and the marriage of two Venetian nobles. Today, the church is still an important part of the city’s cultural heritage.

Notable Features

Gloriosa dei Frari is home to several notable features. One of the most famous is the tomb of the famous Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, which is located in the church’s choir. The church also houses several important works of art, including Titian’s masterpiece, the Assumption of the Virgin, as well as works by Tintoretto and Bellini.


Gloriosa dei Frari is one of the most impressive churches in Venice. Its facade is a stunning example of Venetian Gothic architecture, while its interior is adorned with beautiful frescoes and artwork. The church also has a rich history, and is home to several important works of art. It is truly a marvel to behold.

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