Discover the Sealife Wonders of Antalya

Discover the Sealife Wonders of Antalya

Sealife Antalya is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Antalya, Turkey. It is a large aquarium that houses over 10,000 marine creatures from all over the world, including sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and much more. Visitors can explore the aquarium’s many tanks, learn about the ocean’s inhabitants, and even interact with some of the animals. Sealife Antalya is a great way to spend a day or two in Antalya, whether you’re a local or a tourist.

History of Sealife Antalya

Sealife Antalya first opened in 2009 and has since become one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The aquarium is located in the old town of Antalya, and is home to over 10,000 marine creatures from all over the world. It is the largest aquarium in Turkey and one of the largest in the world.

What to See at Sealife Antalya

Sealife Antalya has a wide variety of attractions and exhibits. Visitors can explore the many tanks and learn about the creatures that live in them. Some of the most popular exhibits include:

  • Shark Tunnel – Visitors can walk through a glass tunnel and watch the sharks swimming around them.
  • Dolphinarium – Visitors can watch the dolphins perform tricks and interact with them.
  • Stingray Touch Pool – Visitors can touch and feed the stingrays in this interactive pool.
  • Sea Turtle Exhibit – Visitors can learn about sea turtles and watch them swim in their tank.

In addition to these exhibits, Sealife Antalya also has a number of interactive activities for visitors. These activities include:

  • Sealife Cinema – Visitors can watch a short film about the ocean and its inhabitants.
  • Submarine Simulator – Visitors can experience what it’s like to be in a submarine.
  • Aquarium Tours – Visitors can take a guided tour of the aquarium and learn more about the creatures that live there.
  • Animal Encounters – Visitors can interact with some of the animals in the aquarium, such as sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles.

Admission and Opening Hours

Admission to Sealife Antalya is 15 TL for adults and 10 TL for children. The aquarium is open daily from 9am to 7pm.

How to Get to Sealife Antalya

Sealife Antalya is located in the old town of Antalya. The closest bus stop is “Antalya Kaleiçi”, which is about a 5 minute walk from the aquarium. The closest airport is Antalya International Airport, which is about 40 minutes away by car.


Sealife Antalya is a great place to visit for anyone looking to explore the underwater world. With its wide variety of exhibits, interactive activities, and animals, it is sure to be a fun and educational experience for all.

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