Buy Tickets to St Marco Basilica: Secure Your Visit Today!

Buy Tickets to St Marco Basilica: Secure Your Visit Today!

St Mark’s Basilica Tickets – St Mark’s Basilica is one of the most iconic churches in the world and is a must-see when visiting Venice, Italy. It is the most famous church in the city and has been a major tourist attraction since the 9th century. The basilica is also known for its stunning architecture and artwork, which have been preserved since the original construction of the church in 1063.

History of St Mark’s Basilica

The history of St Mark’s Basilica dates back to the 9th century when it was built as the chapel of the Doge, the chief magistrate of Venice. The basilica was built over the course of several centuries, with the main structure completed in 1063. The church was originally dedicated to St Mark, the patron saint of Venice, and the structure of the basilica was designed to reflect the city’s Byzantine roots.

Over the centuries, the church has undergone many renovations and additions, including the addition of the famous campanile, or bell tower, in the 16th century. The basilica is also home to some of the world’s most famous artwork, including mosaics, sculptures, and paintings.

Tickets for St Mark’s Basilica

St Mark’s Basilica is open to the public and tickets can be purchased in advance online or in person. There are two main ticket types available for visitors: the Basic Ticket and the Special Ticket.

Basic Ticket

The Basic Ticket is the most affordable option and allows visitors to explore the basilica’s main areas, including the nave, transepts, and cloisters. The ticket also includes access to the crypt, which houses the remains of St Mark. The Basic Ticket does not include access to the Treasury or the Pala d’Oro, and is not valid for special events or services.

Special Ticket

The Special Ticket is more expensive than the Basic Ticket but includes access to the basilica’s other areas, such as the Treasury and the Pala d’Oro. The ticket also includes access to special events and services, such as concerts and guided tours.


The Basic Ticket for St Mark’s Basilica costs €4 for adults, €2 for students, and €1 for children under 12. The Special Ticket costs €14 for adults, €8 for students, and €4 for children under 12.

Opening Hours

St Mark’s Basilica is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm daily, except on Sundays when the church is closed. It is closed for major holidays, such as Christmas and Easter.

Tips for Visiting St Mark’s Basilica

  • Dress appropriately – no shorts or tank tops are allowed.
  • Arrive early to avoid the crowds.
  • Be respectful – the basilica is a place of worship and silence should be observed.
  • Purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines.

Visiting St Mark’s Basilica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that should not be missed. With its stunning architecture, artwork, and history, it is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Venice.

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