25 Fascinating Facts About the Palace of Versailles

25 Fascinating Facts About the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is one of the most iconic and historically significant structures in the world. Built by King Louis XIV of France in 1682, the palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been visited by millions of people from around the world. It is also a symbol of French grandeur and the height of French culture during the reign of Louis XIV. Here are some interesting facts about the Palace of Versailles.

History of the Palace

The Palace of Versailles was originally a hunting lodge built by Louis XIII in 1624. Louis XIV expanded it into the palace it is today in 1682, and it served as the royal residence until the French Revolution in 1789. After the Revolution, the palace was turned into a museum and is now open to the public.


The Palace of Versailles was designed by the famous French architect Louis Le Vau, who was appointed by Louis XIV in 1668. The palace is a Baroque-style building with ornate decorations, elaborate gardens, and fountains. The palace is made up of two wings, the Royal Court and the Garden Court, and is surrounded by a large park and gardens. Inside the palace, there are many grand and luxurious rooms, including the Hall of Mirrors, the Grand Apartments, and the Royal Chapel.

Hall of Mirrors

The most famous room in the palace is the Hall of Mirrors. It is a grand, ornate room with 17 arched mirrors and numerous paintings. The room was used for royal ceremonies and banquets, and was the site of many important events, such as the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.


The palace is surrounded by large and beautiful gardens. The gardens were designed by the famous French landscape architect André Le Nôtre and are a masterpiece of French garden design. The gardens are divided into three sections: the French garden, the English garden, and the Italian garden.

Facts about the Palace

  • The palace is over 800,000 square feet and contains more than 2,000 rooms.
  • The palace is home to the largest collection of paintings in the world.
  • The gardens contain more than 200,000 trees and 1,800 sculptures.
  • The palace has more than 700 fountains and 400 statues.
  • The palace is a popular tourist attraction and is visited by more than 6 million people every year.

The Palace of Versailles is a stunning example of French architecture and culture, and a testament to the power and grandeur of the French monarchy. Its beauty and grandeur have made it one of the most famous and beloved monuments in the world.

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