Grand Museum Cairo Opening: Visit Egypt’s Newest Cultural Attraction

Grand Museum Cairo Opening: Visit Egypt's Newest Cultural Attraction

The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo is Opening Soon!

Egypt’s Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is set to open its doors to the public soon, in what will be the world’s largest archaeological museum. This iconic museum will host the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including many of the most famous pieces from Tutankhamun’s tomb. The grand opening of the museum is an event that has been long-awaited by archaeologists and Egyptologists around the world.


The Grand Egyptian Museum is located just 2 km away from the Giza Pyramids. This site was chosen for its proximity to the Pyramids, as well as its direct connection to the Cairo-Giza Road. The museum is situated on a plateau that is surrounded by lush vegetation, making it the perfect setting for a grand museum.


The museum is divided into several galleries, each dedicated to a specific period of ancient Egyptian history. The Grand Gallery will be the centerpiece of the museum, featuring over 5,000 artifacts from the Tutankhamun’s tomb, including the iconic golden mask. The museum also has galleries dedicated to the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom, as well as galleries featuring mummies and sarcophagi.

The Tutankhamun Collection

The Tutankhamun Collection is the centerpiece of the museum and features over 5,000 artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun, including the iconic golden mask. The collection also includes jewelry, weapons, statues, furniture, and other artifacts from the Pharaoh’s tomb. This collection is sure to be a highlight of the museum, and a must-see for any visitor.


The Grand Egyptian Museum will offer a wide range of activities and events for visitors. There will be interactive displays and activities, educational workshops, and a cinema for film screenings. The museum will also offer guided tours of the galleries, as well as special exhibitions and events. The museum will also have a cafe and a souvenir shop, making it the perfect place to spend a day exploring the wonders of ancient Egypt.


The Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open its doors soon, and it is sure to be an unforgettable experience for visitors. With its grand galleries, interactive displays, and educational activities, the museum is sure to be a hit with tourists and Egyptologists alike. Be sure to visit the museum and experience the wonders of ancient Egypt for yourself!

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