Discovering the Beauty of Konyaalti, Turkey

Discovering the Beauty of Konyaalti, Turkey

Konyaalti Turkey: The beautiful Turkish city of Konyaalti is located on the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Antalya Province of Turkey. It is a popular tourist destination, offering a wide range of attractions, activities, and experiences to visitors from all around the world.


Konyaalti has a long and rich history, going back to the ancient civilizations of the Hittites, Lycians, and Persians. It was once an important trading port, and is known for its many historical monuments and archaeological sites. It is also home to some of the most stunning beaches in the region, making it a popular summer destination.


Konyaalti offers a wealth of attractions for visitors. The city has many museums and historical sites, including the Konyaalti Archaeological Museum and the Ancient City of Phaselis. There are also a number of beautiful beaches, with a variety of water sports activities available. Other attractions include the Konyaalti Aquarium, the Konyaalti Zoo, and the Konyaalti National Park.


Konyaalti is a great place for visitors to explore and enjoy. There are a number of activities available, such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, and horseback riding. The city also offers a range of cultural activities, such as visiting the many historical sites, attending cultural events, and enjoying the local cuisine.

Shopping and Dining

Konyaalti has a variety of shopping and dining options for visitors. The city has a number of shopping malls, markets, and boutiques offering a range of goods and services. Visitors can also find a variety of restaurants and cafes offering local and international cuisine.


Konyaalti has a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. Visitors can find a range of hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and apartments to choose from. The city also has a number of camping sites for those looking for a more outdoor experience.

Getting Around

Konyaalti has an efficient public transport system, with buses and taxis running throughout the city. There are also a number of car hire companies available for those wishing to explore further afield. The city also has a number of bike hire companies, providing visitors with a great way to explore the city and its surroundings.

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