Exploring Mu Ko Ang Thong: Thailand’s Amazing Marine National Park

Exploring Mu Ko Ang Thong: Thailand's Amazing Marine National Park

Mu Ko Ang Thong is a group of 42 small islands located in the Gulf of Thailand, near the coast of Surat Thani Province in Thailand. The islands are part of Ang Thong Marine National Park, and are a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world. The islands are known for their pristine beaches, clear blue waters, and spectacular views of the surrounding area.


Mu Ko Ang Thong is located about 25 kilometers off the coast of Surat Thani Province. The islands are spread out over an area of approximately 250 square kilometers. The highest point in the park is Khao Mae Uam, which rises to a height of 486 meters. The islands are mostly limestone and covered with lush tropical vegetation.


The islands of Mu Ko Ang Thong offer a variety of activities for visitors. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities, as the waters around the islands are home to an abundance of coral and colorful fish. Visitors can also enjoy kayaking, swimming, and sunbathing on the many white sand beaches. Hiking is also popular, with trails leading to the top of Khao Mae Uam and other viewpoints in the park.


There are several accommodations options for visitors to Mu Ko Ang Thong. Several hotels and resorts are located on the islands, as well as a handful of camping sites. Most accommodations offer stunning views of the surrounding islands and ocean, and some have access to private beaches. There are also several restaurants on the islands, serving a variety of Thai and international dishes.

Getting There

Mu Ko Ang Thong can be reached by boat from the mainland. Boats depart daily from Surat Thani and Chumphon. The journey takes approximately two hours, and the boats will usually drop visitors off at one of the larger islands. From there, visitors can take a long-tail boat to the other islands in the park.


Mu Ko Ang Thong is a stunning group of islands located in the Gulf of Thailand. The islands offer a variety of activities for visitors, from swimming and snorkeling to kayaking and hiking. There are also several accommodation options, from resorts and hotels to camping sites. Mu Ko Ang Thong is the perfect destination for a tropical getaway.

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