New Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Updates - What You Need to Know

New Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Updates – What You Need to Know

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the home of the world-famous Real Madrid Football Club. Located in Madrid, Spain, the stadium has a capacity of 81,044 spectators and has been a venue for numerous international tournaments. Recently, the stadium has gone through several updates to ensure the comfort and safety of the fans and players alike.

Facade Renovations

The exterior of the stadium has recently undergone a complete facelift. The new façade is composed of an LED screen that displays Real Madrid’s crest and images from their matches. The screen also serves as a video wall for the team’s pre-match introductions and post-match celebrations. The renovations also included a new entrance plaza and a new roof that protects the fans from the sun and rain.

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of the stadium has also been increased. The original capacity was 75,000, but the new seating arrangement allows for up to 81,044 spectators. This includes an additional 5,044 seats for VIPs, corporate sponsors, and other dignitaries. The new seating arrangement also includes improved legroom and improved sightlines.

Safety and Security

The stadium has also implemented several safety and security measures. The most prominent of these is the installation of metal detectors at the entrances. This ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the stadium. Additionally, the stadium has implemented an advanced CCTV system to monitor the movements of the spectators. This system also records any suspicious activity and can be used for future investigations.

Audio and Video Systems

The stadium has also undergone a major upgrade in its audio and video systems. The audio system has been improved to ensure that the fans can hear the match commentary clearly. Additionally, the video system has been upgraded to provide a clearer and more vibrant image of the game. The video system also includes multiple screens that show the match from different angles.

Stadium Renovations

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has also undergone renovations to improve the overall comfort of the spectators. The stadium has been equipped with new air conditioning systems to keep the fans cool during the hot summer months. Additionally, the seating has been improved with more comfortable cushions and improved legroom.

Food and Beverage Options

The stadium has also improved its food and beverage options. The new menu includes a wide variety of traditional Spanish dishes, as well as international cuisine. The stadium also has an extensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally, the stadium has improved its service by adding mobile ordering and delivery services.


The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is a world-renowned venue for international football tournaments. The stadium has recently undergone several updates to ensure the comfort and safety of the fans and players alike. These updates include a new façade, increased seating capacity, improved safety and security measures, upgraded audio and video systems, improved stadium amenities, and improved food and beverage options.

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