Discover the Magical Shanghai Disneyland Logo

Discover the Magical Shanghai Disneyland Logo

Shanghai Disneyland Logo is a symbol of the world-famous Shanghai Disneyland theme park. It is a combination of traditional Chinese culture and Disney’s classic cartoon characters. The logo was designed by Disney’s Imagineers and is the only Disney theme park logo in the world that features both Mickey Mouse and the iconic Chinese character for “Shanghai”.

Design Features

The Shanghai Disneyland logo is a vivid combination of red and gold, two traditional colors in Chinese culture. The Chinese character for “Shanghai” is featured prominently in the middle of the logo, while Mickey Mouse is shown in the upper left corner. The combination of these two elements conveys the theme park’s concept of “Bringing Shanghai’s Culture to the World and Bringing the World’s Culture to Shanghai”.


The Shanghai Disneyland logo was unveiled in April 2016, when the theme park was first announced. Since then, the logo has become a symbol of the park and a source of pride for Shanghai residents. It has been featured on merchandise and in promotional materials for the theme park.


The red and gold colors of the logo represent the wealth and prosperity of Shanghai. The Chinese character for “Shanghai” is a tribute to the city’s culture and history. The inclusion of Mickey Mouse symbolizes Disney’s commitment to bringing its world-famous characters to Shanghai. Together, the elements of the logo convey the message that Shanghai Disneyland is a place where Chinese culture and Disney magic come together.


The Shanghai Disneyland logo is used on merchandise, promotional materials, and signage throughout the theme park. It can also be seen on official Shanghai Disneyland websites and social media accounts.


The Shanghai Disneyland logo is a symbol of the theme park’s unique combination of Chinese culture and Disney magic. Its vivid red and gold colors and its combination of the Chinese character for “Shanghai” and Mickey Mouse make it instantly recognizable. The logo is a source of pride for Shanghai residents and a reminder of the unique experience offered by Shanghai Disneyland.

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