Shanghai Disneyland Now Open!

Shanghai Disneyland Now Open!

Shanghai Disneyland Re-opens its Doors to the Public

Shanghai Disneyland is re-opening its doors to the public after a five-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. The park is implementing strict health and safety protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all its guests.

Health and Safety Measures

Shanghai Disneyland is taking a number of measures to ensure the safety of its guests and staff. All guests and staff must wear face masks at all times, and temperature checks will be conducted at the entrance of the park. In addition, the park is limiting the number of guests allowed in the park to 30% of its normal capacity and has implemented social distancing guidelines in queues and other areas.

New Attractions and Experiences

In addition to re-opening its doors, Shanghai Disneyland is introducing a number of new attractions and experiences for guests to enjoy. One of the newest attractions is the “TRON Lightcycle Power Run” roller coaster, which features high-speed thrills and cutting-edge technology. The park is also introducing the “Frozen Fantasy Parade,” which is a high-energy celebration of the beloved Disney characters from the movie “Frozen.”

Enhanced Digital Services

Shanghai Disneyland is also introducing a number of digital services to enhance the guest experience. Guests can now use their smartphones to purchase tickets, access maps and wait times, and even order food and drinks. The park is also offering a new “Disney Magic Pass,” which allows guests to use their smartphones to unlock special experiences and offers throughout the park.


Shanghai Disneyland is re-opening its doors to the public with enhanced health and safety measures, new attractions and experiences, and digital services to make the guest experience more enjoyable. With these measures in place, guests can rest assured that they will have a safe and enjoyable experience at Shanghai Disneyland.

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